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Clear and secure communication in high noise environment

Intersonic Group provides a comprehensive noise reduction communication solution to ensure that users can communicate face-to-face over short and long distances through two-way radio and Bluetooth mobile phones.

By combining the most innovative communication system with the best hearing protection technology, a new method of occupational hearing protection is promoted to ensure that users can hear voice in the workplace and remain protected.

Noise reduction communication equipment has adopted digital technology.

From smartphones to digital bidirectional radios, digital communication technologies are being used in the field of communications because they have the ability to implement new functions flexibly and easily. In the past, denoising Bluetooth headsets have set standards for using a technology called Active Noise Control (ANC) to suppress unwanted ambient noise. Most people use noise-reducing Bluetooth headsets in airplanes or other noisy environments to reduce ambient noise and allow them to listen to music or sleep quietly.

Speech Enhancement

Isolates and enhances speech
Real-time speech separation
Face-to-face, Two-way Radio,
Bluetooth Cell Phone

Noise Suppression

Suppresses dangerous
background noise to a safe level (82dB)
Enables speech to be heard above background noise
Works in impact, intermittent and continuous noise environments

Situational Awareness

Enables 360-degree situational awareness
Retains original sound characteristics
Reduces risk of accidents

OEM & ODM Services

Intersonic Groupā€˜s With deep cell design and manufacturing technology, we have obtained many acoustics research results and design patents. The product adopts beryllium diaphragm movable coil with excellent acoustic performance and high frequency and ultra-high frequency movable iron unit. It shows excellent reductivity and musicality with careful tuner adjustment. Its shape is based on ergonomics design. It is comfortable to wear, suitable for long-time listening, and can be OEM&ODM.

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