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Published On 2019-10-15

The Intersonic Group AIR TWS Bluetooth headset has a very good sound quality, a thicker voice, and a fuller low, medium and high three frequencies. Thanks to the innovation of black science and technology, vibration acoustic structure - nano-titanium crystal oscillating film solves the drawbacks of traditional oscillating film, and improves the reduction degree by 25%.

Intersonic Group AIR TWS Bluetooth headset has good performance and good reputation among users. This headset is designed with balanced earmuffs. It has earmuffs to decide whether to wear it firmly or not. But it has excellent comfort, is not easy to loose during trotting, and has IP65 protection level. Even in rainy days, it has no problem wearing it. 。

Intersonic Group AIR TWS solution series products have their own characteristics. In order to avoid some design errors due to a large number of functions based on sliding gesture control, we designed a real touch button, which is quite simple to operate. But the AIR solution is certainly better than the limited controls on Apple AirPods.

AirPods can provide face bass and loud treble, but unlike most ear-entry models, it has a sealed ear canal environment. Instead, you can hear outside voices. Nevertheless, within the price range of AirPods, what you get is a product of the latest technology, not a headset with high quality sound quality.

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