Powerbeats Pro Advanced imitation wireless headset has passed the test

Published On 2019-10-11

Powerbeats Pro is Apple's first all-wireless Beats headset, which carries the same H1 chip as the second generation of IrPods, supports Hey Siri voice control, and the new Powerbeats Pro wireless headset, similar to AirPods. The new headset focuses on fitness and daily exercise, also has its own charging box, and cancels the connection between the old headphones.

Powerbeats Pro Advanced imitation supports adjustable, more fitting ear hangers and earplugs. It offers four sizes. It is positioned as an AirPods sport model with a more durable appearance and sweat-proof design. Officials claim that each charge can last 4 hours.

Powerbeats Pro is specially designed for fitness. It is similar to the previous Powerbeats model. It can be fixed to the ear by ear hanging and is equipped with four different size earplugs to meet different wearing needs. It can be retained in the ear while exercising vigorously, while AirPods 2 is used for daily wear, so it is very likely to fall off during exercising vigorously.

Powerbeats Pro Advanced imitation has anti-sweat and water-proof functions, only to prevent wearers from sweating during fitness.

Powerbeats Pro Advanced imitation currently has a wholesale price of $23.5. Please consult EMAIL for the exact price.

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