Microsoft's surface earphones are delayed to be available in 2020

Published On 2019-11-25

Pans Panay, the father of surface, said on twitter that the launch date of Microsoft's new real wireless headset surface earpods will be postponed to spring 2020.

The surface earpods is very similar to Apple's airpods. It uses a directional dual array microphone and a touch sensor built into the side touch pad. You can swipe and click to make music and calls, adjust the volume up and down, Bluetooth headset, and switch songs left and right.

Surface pearls supports Cortana, Siri, Google and many other voice assistants. It also optimizes office productivity tools, such as using with word, PPT, email and other software. In terms of endurance, the surface earcups has a built-in battery, with a 8-hour endurance, and a charging box can provide 24-hour endurance.

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