Is it true that the airpods Pro will have a built-in air pressure sensor?

Published On 2019-12-14

People who have used airpods should know that this headset supports the function of taking off and pause and putting on the play, while the hardware is based on the built-in optical sensor and motion acceleration sensor. However, such a design will inevitably cause some false touch. For example, when airpods are placed in a closed pocket, it may activate the optical sensor and cause the situation of false play.

Apple's latest patent hopes to achieve more accurate wear detection function by adding "air pressure sensor" to airpods. A "acoustic in ear detection for a audible device" released by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday shows Apple's technical thinking in this regard.

The patent shows that before the headset device establishes a Bluetooth connection with the main device, they can be detected by a pressure sensor, which will only be activated after the earplug is detected to enter the ear canal. After activation, when the pressure sensor detects the difference between the pressure in the ear canal and the ambient atmospheric pressure, it will activate the headset and search the nearby equipment for connection.

Apple wrote in the patent: "when the headset is placed in the pocket, because the air can flow in an unsealed environment (in this case, the pocket), the internal and external pressure is not enough to activate the pressure sensor, thus avoiding the situation that the headset misplays. "

This new patent can be said to be very intimate. Maybe Apple's more and more humanized development lies in the continuous improvement and innovation of technology.

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