How to realize "true wireless" with "true wireless Bluetooth headset"?

Published On 2019-10-29

Most processors and Bluetooth have integrated 5.0 specifications

The chip module in TWS plays an important role. In the chip module, the volume requirements are getting smaller and smaller. The trend of integration between the processor and the Bluetooth chip is clear. The Bluetooth function in TWS now mostly adopts the 5.0 specification. The chip design company will develop new products and provide different solutions according to the 5.0 architecture. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and TWS is not too far, and the data is only music files, so it is important to have the characteristics of stable and secure data transmission, which can increase the listening experience.

In the 5.0 specification, devices can be connected to each other without Wi Fi, earphones in different spaces can be connected, and multiple people can have voice conference or group call at the same time, which is the trend that can replace the use of software call applications in the future.

Microphone and sensor add function

With the demand of mobile device accelerating the upgrading of voice function, in TWS, microphone is absolutely the key. Microphone is made of semiconductor, including ASIC and sensor chip, and covered with metal or plastic shell to form a cavity. A small hole will be opened in the cavity, or up or down, which is the channel of sound entering. After receiving the sound, it will be transmitted to the processor for analysis.

In addition to the microphone, there are accelerometers in TWS, which are a kind of sensing elements. They can detect the user's attitude change, and then make corresponding actions, such as turning on the arousal device after tapping the headset. In addition, bone conduction sensor is also an accelerometer, especially in headphones and microphones that deal with sound, so that noise can be eliminated by using the sensor, so as to improve the use experience. In addition to accelerometers, there are many sensing elements, including pressure gauges, gyroscopes and so on.

In the future, the technology of microphone and sensor chip will continue to develop towards the trend of low power consumption and high efficiency, especially in the terminal applications, which are mainly portable devices. Power consumption is the focus of consumers' attention. Whether the device can maintain stable use can make the power consumption lower. Especially with more and more TWS functions, the use of components will also increase, and the total power consumption will also increase. Therefore, whether each chip design can simplify the winding and improve the process is the future direction of continuous research and development.

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