How long is the best time for wireless Bluetooth headset

Published On 2019-10-25

According to the long-term experience of using real wireless Bluetooth headset (starting from the Samsung Galaxy buses generation) and the experience of taking hifi with you, if the endurance is more than 6 hours, the user experience can meet the requirements of more than 90% of the people. Because few people listen to music or talk for more than six hours a day, it is not recommended from a health point of view.

The existing solution needs larger battery to extend the endurance time, and increasing the battery will affect the volume and weight of the headset. Therefore, under the existing technology, there is no need to pursue more than 8 hours of endurance. But if the duration is less than 6 hours, it will still affect the user experience. In addition, is it necessary for real wireless Bluetooth headset to support wireless charging? We think the trend in the future is that the storage box of the real wireless Bluetooth headset will not be equipped with batteries. Only the wireless and wired charging functions are available, together with the mobile phone with wireless reverse charging, such as Huawei P30 pro. Once the real wireless Bluetooth headset has no power, it can be charged with the mobile phone for a while in case of emergency.

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