Cheap High imitation Samsung Galaxy note10 series 3G mobile phones are in hot sale

Published On 2019-10-18

Samsung Galaxy note10 series adopts a new generation of 7Nm process high-performance processor, up to 12gb of running memory, 256gb of storage space, and 1TB of mass storage that can be expanded; with ultra-high speed 5g and Wi Fi 6, the speed has been raised to a new height. High capacity battery up to 4300 MAH. Support fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Compared with the previous flagship, Samsung note 10 has cancelled the 3.5mm headphone hole, but it has improved in screen, camera and performance.

As one of the leaders of the global mobile phone brand, Samsung launched Galaxy note 10 series, which not only represents Samsung's strong technology research and innovation ability, but also provides a new direction for the technology development of the whole mobile phone industry. Now, this highly imitated Samsung flagship series has been sold in an all-round way. Users who want to experience the most interesting technology at an ultra-low price must not miss it.

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