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Published On 2019-11-29

Airpods Pro is the best real wireless Bluetooth noise reduction headset on the market at present, with better performance than Sony wf-1000xm3 noise reduction beans.

The perfect volume control determines the ultimate portability and excellent wearing experience of airplads pro. Compared with airpods, though the pro's charging box is flat, its height is also a little lower. Generally speaking, it will not hinder your travel and carrying at any time like the previous generation products.

What's more, due to Apple's new and improved internal structure of headphone cavity, the handle of Pro is shorter, and the weight center of gravity is also moved from the handle of airplads to the cavity part, which will make users wear it very comfortable and firm, and there will be no "falling" feeling when they wear airplads.

Top noise reduction. In the aspect of noise reduction that we are most concerned about, in a word, airplads Pro is the best one in the real wireless at present, even better than Sony noise reduction beans. At the same time, Apple also provides a close and transparent mode to meet the needs of more scenes, very detailed and user-friendly.

With good volume, excellent noise reduction, comfortable wearing, standard wireless charging, and an original C to l data cable worth $11, airplads Pro is definitely the best real wireless Bluetooth noise reduction headset at present. Finally, don't forget the excellent matching speed with Apple products and the perfect support for Android phones.

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