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Published On 2019-12-02

Airpods Pro is a real wireless earphone with active noise reduction. It is waterproof and supports pressure touch. Moreover, the single earphone of airpods Pro is only 5g, shorter than that of airpods.

In addition, Apple has made some design adjustments. When powerbeats Pro was released this year, the president of beats once said that powerbeats Pro is the first cooperative product since it was purchased by apple. Apple has made some minor adjustments to the earphone body of powerbeats pro to enhance the comfort of earphones. It can be seen that apple has made some adjustments for earphones A lot of research.

In order to let everyone quickly understand the airpods pro, first of all, it is the active noise reduction under popular science. In terms of classification, noise reduction earphones are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction.

Starting from passive noise reduction, the principle of passive noise reduction is very simple, that is to plug the ears with silica gel or other materials to achieve noise reduction effect. Most earplugs have passive noise reduction effect.

Active noise reduction is to produce the same reverberation sound wave as the foreign teacher's noise through the noise reduction system, so as to block the noise. The microphone installed in the earphone hears the surrounding noise, and transmits the noise signal to the control circuit. The control circuit, through calculation, lets the speaker broadcast the noise back in the opposite direction, thus achieving the effect of noise reduction.

What are the disadvantages of active noise reduction earphones

(1) the volume and power consumption of the circuit are relatively large, so the volume of the active noise reduction headset is also larger.

(2) the active noise reduction earphone is easy to produce pressure difference between the ear and the outside of the ear, and it will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

The noise reduction scheme used in the low-cost version of airpods Pro is consistent with the mature noise reduction earphones on the market in principle.

In order to ensure the wearing comfort, airpods Pro has also made a ventilation system to balance the pressure inside the ear and ensure the wearing comfort. In the aspect of control interaction, airpods PRO makes a pressure recognition sensor for the extended part of the headset, so that users can adjust the noise reduction effect and control songs through the pressure sense. More importantly, because airpods Pro has added the function of waterproof and anti perspiration, the pressure sensor can ensure that the entire operation interaction is not affected by water or perspiration. Airpods Pro charging box supports wireless charging and still supports voice wake-up Siri function.

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