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Published On 2019-12-07

With the development of Bluetooth headset, the production technology has been very mature. There are many choices when choosing the agent processing factory. There are too many large and small Bluetooth headset generation factories. It will take some time to screen if you want to find a suitable Bluetooth headset generation factory. Large factories have technology but the agent processing price is expensive, and small factories have low agent processing price but sell it Post service is not guaranteed.

Intersonic group focuses on the development and production of healthy and innovative computer peripherals and digital products. Intersonic group is a comprehensive manufacturer of Bluetooth headset, which is engaged in the R & D and production of Bluetooth headset products and sales of Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth digital products, committed to the market development of Bluetooth headset at home and abroad, and provides high-quality OEM and ODM services.

From product ID design to mold opening and production, from product shell production to assembly and forming, intersonic group has successfully helped many brand manufacturers to carry out processing services on behalf of others, with more than ten product appearance patents and utility model patents, professional product development team and customer service team, unique experience and guaranteed after-sales service. Can better and faster to provide customers with better quality OEM services.

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