Apple may release four iPhone 12 models next year, all compatible with 5g network

Published On 2019-10-21

Although the latest iPhone has just been released, rumors about its new model next year have begun to spread. According to Dan ives, an analyst at wedbush, a market research firm, the iPhone may launch five new models in 2020, at least two of which will carry 5g technology.

Ives said that in 2020, in addition to four iPhone 12 models, it is expected to see the launch of iPhone se 2 in March 2020. If the report is true, you may also see an iPhone 12 equipped with a radar sensor to detect gestures and movements. The report also pointed out that the new iPhone camera will add an additional sensor - TOF sensor.

When it comes to iPhone predictions, the next iPhone could be a new metal structure, similar to piexl 4. There are also reports that Apple will make "significant" adjustments to its flagship iPhone next year.

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