Analysis on the disassembly of Airpods Pro wireless headset

Published On 2019-11-04

The airpods Pro comes with a case that looks like a floss box and can be opened to reveal two small headphone heads.

Behind it is a short thick hinge and a matching button.

Before moving the knife, first use X-ray to avoid obstacles.

What does "pro" bring? Replaceable silicone head for professional noise isolation and enhanced fit. The short and strong body, as well as the short and thick charging box. Mesh grid is added to achieve pressure equalization. The microphone section at the bottom shrinks and tilts the edge of the headset for better voice recording and calls.

The easiest part to remove is the silicone part. Most earphone's silicone plugs will be put on the grooves on the outside of the earplugs Apple uses some fancy engineering, which makes its silicone earmuffs incompatible with other brands of headphones. This means Apple will make at least $4 for their official accessories when your headset sleeve is torn or lost.

Starting from the fusion line, we found that the most annoying thing is Glue.

The second thing we found was button batteries?

Connecting the headphones together is a ZIF connector, which is coated with a layer of glue to ensure that they will not fall off when shaking.

The battery is connected to the earphone housing with a rubber like alcohol resistant adhesive. This leads us to dig it.

The battery is connected to other electronic components by a welding cable, so even if it can be seen, it is still not easy to replace. Samsung's Galaxy pads also use similar batteries, button shaped lithium-ion batteries, but the battery size of the galaxy pads is larger, the model is cp1254, and the battery in the airpods Pro is marked as cp1154. The volume of cp1154 is 14% less than that of cp1254 of 200mwh. Therefore, the battery capacity is estimated to be 168 MWh in terms of volume. Compared with the 93mwh cylindrical battery in airpods 2, the improvement is not small.

Remove the battery and continue digging. The transparent plastic bracket holds the speaker part in place. Then there's the internal microphone, which Apple uses to adjust the sound you're listening to, and to make sure that the headset is in place to ensure noise reduction. It has a small voice coil that works just like any other headset. An electric current creates an electromagnetic field in the coil that causes the speaker to vibrate sound into your ear. It will also create "anti noise", that is, reverse sound waves, to eliminate environmental noise.

Back at the back of the airpod, we disconnected a very small coaxial cable connector and unraveled Apple's custom SIP package (where H1 and other chips are located). This small motherboard is even smaller than the one we saw last time, and compared with the standard airpods, Apple may provide a lot of extra space in the airpods pro. As far as we can, we can't pry open the package. We have to say that the packaging process is very good.

When the earphone shell is removed and the plastic is removed, everything in the earphone handle looks like a long filament. Inside, we found: Several golden microphones, some gold-plated antenna hardware, and these are connected to sip package parts. A mysterious black rectangle with metal brackets on both sides. Is this a new capacitive pressure sensor? If so, it's likely that the capacitive sensor recorded a finger strike, or that the tiny sensor sensed a squeeze.

The earphone is disassembled now. Now, remove the box. Pull it out, and the battery and other connecting parts will come out.

The earphone box has a motherboard, l476mgy6 A5 chip, and the 59356a2kubg wireless charging module of Broadcom, which are the same as the previous generation. Later, Ti 97a4pq1 of Texas Instruments and 610a3b kn3308 charging integrated circuit of NXP.

The battery of the airpods headset box is divided into two parts, with a capacity of 1.98 wh. Lightning port is still modular indeed. If it is damaged, it cannot be replaced.

Apple's official note said the airpods were irreparable and could only be replaced. In fact, it is possible to repair the structure. The battery + amplifier + hard shell of the headset can be removed. That said, there is still no good way to recover airpods perfectly, mainly due to the shell problem, unless you happen to work on the factory's airpods assembly line. So this expensive product can't be repaired after it's damaged.

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