Y1 Charging Box Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset

1. Processor: Jerry 6936
2. Bluetooth Version: 5.0
3. Material: ABS
4. Effective Linear Distance: 10m
5. Horn: True Copper Ring Horn
6. Battery: polymer lithium battery, earphone 50 mah, charging bin 400 MAH
7. Play time: single ear: 3-4H; opposite ear: 2-3H
8. Standby time: single ear 10 0H, opposite ear 60H
9. Charging time: earphone charged for about 1 hour and charged for about 2 hours
10. Color: Black

Listening to songs and telephone calls are correct, support listening to songs and answering calls

Easy to carry, suitable for people of any age, prompt, boot, pair, shut down and disconnect the low power of mobile phone will voice prompt.

Intelligent compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth features, tablets, notebooks, singing bars, Q music, movies, etc., general purpose all mobile phones

Ear-to-ear (TWS) connection: ear-to-ear simultaneous removal of the charging bin, automatic start-up, automatic matching. Success in pairing has a corresponding prompt sound, which represents the success of TWS pairing when it is found that there is a blue light flashing slowly and no flashing at the same time. Turn on Bluetooth to search for TWS connections, or support any other Bluetooth device connections. When the mobile phone is connected to the ear, the light is off. (Note: If the pair of ears is not matched, the pair of ears can be reset for more than 10 seconds at the same time until the power off. After putting it back into the charging bin, the automatic start-up pairing can be taken out.)

Configuration: Headphone + Android Charging Line + Instructions + Charging Storage + Packaging Color Box

Colour: White, Black

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