Fast Wireless charging bracket 10W Car Holder For iPhone Samsung S9 S10

Description of product advantages:

1. Stainless steel with hard core will never get stuck.
Patented sport parts are hardened with stainless steel 303, which ensures the reliability of the sport mechanism of the product (similar products on the market are engineering plastics cores, while the vehicle-borne products are used in the range of - 20-80 degrees, and the car is parked outdoors, when used in extreme cold or hot weather, the temperature actually changes rapidly, under these conditions, the engineering plastics are easily deformed).

2. Aluminum alloy arm bracket is unbreakable
The clamp arm and bracket of this product are made of aluminium alloy, and the firmness is greatly increased (when clamping the mobile phone, the force is mainly on the clamp arm, if the deformation of the clamp arm will lead to the deformation of the whole moving parts, and the clamp arm belongs to the external parts, when used in the car interior environment, it will withstand a lot of ultraviolet rays, plastic products under ultraviolet radiation are very easy to aging).

3. Thickening Wireless Charging Coil Extra-Intensive Conversion
Charging coil and diaphragm are made of the highest specification materials, and combined with exclusive algorithm (software copyright has been applied for protection), the 5W version of the wireless charging conversion rate reaches 95% of the ordinary original charging line (while the conventional conversion rate on the market is only between 72% and 76%).

4. Fully Automatic Intelligent Induction Single Hand Mastery
Patented induction technology makes the product fully automatic operation (has applied for the protection of software works copyright), guarantees that it can be operated with one hand in the course of driving, greatly improves the safety of use. meanwhile, patented induction technology has strong reliability (the reliability of conventional infrared induction mode used in the market is questioned, first of all, the characteristics of infrared induction sensor determine its own characteristics. It is not suitable for use in extreme high temperature and low temperature environment. Secondly, infrared induction is based on light sensitivity, while the light environment inside the vehicle is quite complex. Therefore, the unreliable use of infrared induction in actual use environment has its technical necessity.

5. The delicate and slender shape firm and powerful
The outer outline of the whole product is delicate and slender, which reduces the visual interference in the car, hides the mobile phone and then reduces the interference in the use of the mobile phone. This depends on the support of the patented machine core. The minimalist design from inside to outside, combined with the support of the Seiko materials, realizes from the connotation that only minimalism is the most reliable engineering principle, and also demonstrates the craftsman spirit of the product team.

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