Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Bluetooth headset support connection to a computer?

1. Bluetooth-equipped computers need to load the Bluetooth system driver template.
2. Computers without Bluetooth need to use a Bluetooth adapter or download a third-party driver for use.

Headphones can be found but not connected.

If the Bluetooth headset can be found on the phone but it cannot be connected, the Bluetooth data on the phone may be abnormal. You need to delete the previous connection record on the phone, restart the phone, and search for the connection again.

Headphones can't connect or search?

1. improper operation, the headset just turned on, did not enter the searched state, please be sure to ensure that the headset can be searched in the red and blue flashing state.

2. If the headset is in a state where the red and blue lights flash alternately, the phone still cannot be searched. You can restore the factory setting of the headset and connect it again.

Bluetooth headset is not all Bluetooth mobile phones can use?

Yes. Only Bluetooth phones can use Bluetooth headsets. You can choose your own Bluetooth headset to use according to your actual use.

Can you provide samples to check the quality?

Yes, we provide sample service according to customer's requirements. Please contact us for details.

Can you print your own logo?

Yes, OEM and ODM are accepted. Please contact us for specific services.

How long does it take to print LOGO samples?

5-10 working days, depending on the LOGO style and printing type.

Delivery time for bulk orders?

The estimated 25-30 working days depend on the number of orders.

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